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Managed by the UNC School of Government’s Public Defense Education Group

Supported by a grant from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation


About NC REN 

The North Carolina Racial Equity Network (NC REN) is a diverse group of over one hundred indigent defense attorneys and others from across the state who have made a commitment to address issues of racial equity in the criminal justice system. Through their participation in a series of intensive trainings based on the manual, Raising Issues of Race in North Carolina Criminal Cases, NC REN members develop the ability to effectively raise meritorious issues of race in criminal cases, and join an enduring network of peers who encourage, support, and challenge one another to address such issues. In addition to raising issues of race when they arise in their clients’ cases, NC REN attorneys engage in collaborative efforts with other court actors to address potential causes of racialized outcomes in the criminal justice system. NC REN was formed in 2015.